Highlights from 2018: BRANDYOU Conference Speaker Quotes
Conference Mission

This event is not just about education. The #BRAND #YOU conference is mission-driven. Our goal is to make all of those who choose to attend leaders in their industries, in their businesses and in their communities. We have brought together speakers, media and non-profit partners who are these leaders and want to share the tools and advice it took them to get there with you! 

Why Attend?

There are multiple reasons to take one day out of your busy schedule to attend this conference. If one or many of these resonate with you and are urgent, then you must take action and grab your seat!

How to Attend

The #BRANDYOU Conference is all-access. We have the capacity for ONLY 350 hungry NYC executives and entrepreneurs in the room. If that is you, join us physically. On-site tickets with discounts for advanced and group purchase for corporations are available now!

Last Year Sponsors